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Proper landscape drainage is very important. Norwegian Nursery & Landscapes, Inc. has 30+ years of experience to help solve your drainage problems.

We service Eastern Iowa; including Cedar Rapids, Marion, Center Point, North Liberty, Palo, Fairfax, Newhall, and Atkins.

  • French Ditch & Drains
  • Catch Basin
  • Drainage Tile
  • Downspout Drainage & Tile
  • Sump Pump Drainage
  • Outdoor Drains & Sump Pumps
  • Video Camera Inspections

Do you have standing water?

Standing water in your yard can kill your grass and other plants, ruining your landscape. It can also be a health hazard, promoting mosquitoes and other pests.

If you have a problem with poor drainage in your yard, we can help you by installing landscape drainage solutions such as a french drain, downspouts and downspout drainage tile.

If your yard is particularly susceptible to standing water and drainage issues, regrading your yard may be an option that we can look at.


How about a wet basement…


Water in a basement is most likely due to lack of drainage in your yard.

If you do not route water away from your home’s exterior walls during heavy rains, the water will find its way to your foundation walls and inside of your basement.

If you are experiencing a wet basement, let us fix it for you! We can correct your downspout issues, grade your yard (if necessary), and install a french drain to carry the standing water away from your home.

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